03 November 2018

150,000 km travelled and rolling along happily

I had the 150,000km service performed and everything is looking fine. I still have 12 capacity bars, but the range has dropped approximately 10km over the last 20,000 kms.

A noise had started 20,000+ km ago. When the car weight shifted, it would make a sound like the springs were moving. It did not seem to affect the car, but it would make the noise going around round-a-bouts. Later the noise occurred every time I came to a stop. I replaced the sway bar links, but it did not fix the issue, so I had the Bearing Strut Mounts for the front suspension replaced and the noise is gone. This cost $515, but it was annoying me, so I am not bothered with spending the money.

Also, my brakes had become very jerky, with pulsing on gentle application of the brakes or over braking when coming near the regen / friction switchover point. So I requested a relearn on the brake system and everything is working happily again.

150,000km and 12 capacity bars


  1. FWIW my strut bearings made the same noise too. Did it cost anything to have your brakes re-learned? Mine have been pretty grabby lately.

    1. I am not sure, as it had the service at the same time.

  2. So how many kms are you at now if you don't mind me asking?