03 July 2015

80,000 km in a Nissan LEAF

My Nissan LEAF has made it to 80,000 km on the original tyres!

The energy consumption has dropped due to moving to the Redlands, which is relatively flat compared to Logan. I have not done any more long trips as it has been very busy at work :(

I still have 9 capacity bars. I am not aware of any range loss as winter obscures the maximum distance I can travel. My car warranty expires next week, but the battery warranty is still valid until 100,000 km. I can't wait for the rumoured 30 kWh battery (I would buy the battery upgrade if available).

For approximately 2 months, braking on hills induced pulsing between regen and friction brakes (very annoying). It has not happened since the 80,000 km service. So I guess the replacement of the brake fluid reset something?

80,000km and still travelling along happily
Cost per 100km 
kWh per 100km

Stats for my LEAF
Service Costs

During the May AEVA Brisbane meeting, some new EV owners came along and let us look at their cars. This is the largest number of EVs that I can remember coming to a meeting.

Tesla Model S, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Suzuki Swift, Honda City

Everyone loves checking out the Tesla Model S

Everyone loves checking out the Tesla Model S

Simone and Dave inspecting the BMW i3

Mitsubishi iMiEV and Nissan LEAF

Awesome custom converted Mazda MX5

I also attended the Logan Eco Action Festival at the Logan Griffith University campus (Meadowbrook) in my Nissan LEAF with other members of the AEVA (who brought a BMW i3, Zero Electric Motorbike and Custom Suzuki Swift). We were next to the Mitsubishi PHEV display. It was a great day and I met lots of people interested in Electric Vehicles.

L.E.A.F. 2015

I was lucky to get a free pass to the Australian Energy Storage Conference http://www.australianenergystorage.com.au from Gabriel and Kymberly at Recharging NSW http://rechargingnsw.com.au Was a good conference and I learnt lots about battery storage and how the grid operates with renewal energy.

Recharging NSW display 
ELMOFO Electric Radical SREV

Next weekend I am going with other AEVA members to the RACQ Motorfest. Hoping to chat to lots of people about my car. I better give it a clean. The interior has scratches and scrapes from moving house.