28 December 2015


Another 10,000 km have passed and LEAF keeps going happily.

The 90,000 km service was performed ($89) and they updated the firmware (first time since it was built). I think this fixes a corner case where the battery can reach 100% and the charger does not disengage immediately.

HV Battery 293A0-3NA0C --> 293A0-3NA0D
Charger/PD Module 296A0-3NA5A --> 296A0-3NA7A

Since the hot weather rolled in, 80% charge is going 100 km easily. When it was cooler,  I would drive to work and the battery would report five bars remaining, but when I would get back to the car in the afternoon, it would report four bars. After driving about two km, the battery would read five again. I have to take the car back to the dealer in January to have the battery checked (before the battery warranty expires).

Graph of electricity usage from the EVSE

Costs for 90,000 km ish