20 January 2014

Lost Capacity Bar

On the 7 of November 2013 I lost my first capacity bar.

I had noticed that I could only get about 110km from a 80% charge (down from 120km).
But I had not noticed the missing capacity bar on the car display (it is hard to see the border of the display, as it is black on black).

In January 2014, I needed to travel to Redcliffe (approx. 134km round trip). So I filled to 100%. That is when I noticed the capacity bar was missing.

I went looking through the charge notification emails from Nissan and found it had reported it three months earlier (I should check them more often).

I had a 40k service performed in November and they did a battery report, but again, I didn't see it. The bar is definitely missing. For some reason, I assumed the bars on the report would disappear from the left to right, but they are the opposite. I am not sure why the service centre didn't tell me, but I guess they thought I would know already.