26 January 2015

Trip to the Beach

The Gold Coast City Council installed a charging station in the Bruce Bishop Car Park (near Cavill Avenue). http://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/thegoldcoast/bruce-bishop-car-park-22661.html  I took a trip to the Gold Coast to have a swim and try it out.

About 75km using the freeway
I left with 100% charge and arrived with 30km remaining (used air conditioning as was 30C+). Car was charged to 100% in less than 4 hours (consumed about 10KWh). Parking fees were $9.20, charging was free (not sure if you can park anywhere in Surfers Paradise for free).

Bay I9 on the Ground floor (to the left, past the ramp, when entering from Beach Road). 
Charger is free. You need a Chargepoint card to activate
 Also I went for a Tram ride from Griffith University to Broadbeach. Was fun to zip around in the air conditioning. No need to travel to Melbourne anymore :)

21 January 2015

68,000km and 9 Bars of Range


I lost another bar of range today. Happened when I was sleeping :(
Luckily I have moved and the daily commute is now 64km per day (was 80km+), so no range issues.
Will have to see what Nissan say at the 70,000km service.

Someone stole my Capacity bar :P

80% Charge is now 100km ish (in ECO)

100% Charge is now 120km ish (in ECO)

Also, I had good news today, The Gold Coast City Council has installed a Chargepoint brand charger in the Bruce Bishop Carpark at Surfers Paradise. So be good to go to the beach :)