08 October 2017

Motorfest 2017

I attended the RACQ Motorfest this year with Gary who brought his BMW i3. EV attendance was down in 2017. But the local BMW dealer brought i3 and i8. Also Renault Australia brought the Zoe (tho is still not on sale).

People are more interested in EVs this year than last year, so I think we will see more of them on the roads.

Not many EVs at the Motorfest this year

Renault Zoe on display

New Battery

After a 12 week wait, my new battery arrived on 10th June 2017 (installed on the 12th). My LEAF is now just like when it was new. The battery was covered under warranty (many thanks to Moorooka Nissan), but not all the labour. I paid about $1000, Nissan Australia and Moorooka Nissan contributed the rest.

The first reading was exactly like when I bought it, due to the GOM being confused as not enough data.

First full charge on a new battery

After a few thousand kilometres, my trip to work is looking good. I use longlife mode (fill to 80%).

Battery status after the drive to work

Battery status when I get home