18 March 2018

80 percent now displays as 9 fill bars

After 20,000km the new battery is registering 9 fill bars (large left bars on fill meter) at 80% (previously it was 10 bars). So now I get to work with about 95km, a loss of about 10km. This happened on my first battery as well (tho I think it was about 27,000km, but I didn't record it). It was mentioned that the newer batteries have a better chemistry, but I have not been able to see any difference.

When charging to 80%, it registers as 9 bars


  1. Hi Leslie, do you know if your replacement pack is brown or black? Mine's brown and appears identical to the original. I'm starting to wonder if it's not a lizard pack.

    I know that at one stage when 2010-2012 LEAFs had their packs replaced under warranty, the replacement pack needed mounting brackets to make the newer packs fit. I didn't need that when I had mine done so now I'm wondering what sort of pack I have.

    1. I will have to check. They took my battery pack out and replaced the modules, reusing the battery management. So nothing needed to change.

  2. That sounds very expensive and lucky you didn't have to pay full cost. Any chance you've got photos of the new modules? They look different to the originals.