14 October 2013

15 months old

I received the electricity bill for this quarter and my energy usage this winter has dropped again (I didn't use the heater very much as Brisbane does not get very cold). It cost $326 to travel 7800km. My average for 100km has dropped over this period to $4.12 (from $4.20), not too shabby.

The days have warmed up again (warmer spring than normal), so I now have 110-130km range from an 80% charge, up from winter range of 100-120km. I still can't tell if I have lost any range (don't have a GID meter, but I gather it has lost something).

Someone asked me recently what I love about the leaf
  • Regen (I love how the leaf holds speed down hills - police love hills for speed traps).
  • Sensitive throttle (I like being able to manoeuvre without the car lurching).
  • Quiet (I can pass bikes and hear the chains rattling).
  • Cool (Even on 34 degree Celsius day, I can cruise along with the windows down. No heat radiating from the engine bay).
One thing that I would love would be able to display non english characters on the AUX menu. Sometimes I listen to asian pop (jpop / kpop / mpop / ipop) and the characters are missing from the song titles.

This week I am going to visit the Brisbane branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association to see what is happening. Hopefully something good.

Still saving to purchase a fast charger for the Gold Coast. Only have $3500 of $40,000, but better than nothing :)