28 December 2017

130,000km travelled

Have hit 130,000km, so has been about 15,000km on the new battery. Everything is going well. The daily commute is showing about 138km. But this figure is distorted by large hills near home.

Run to work with an 80% charge

Trip to Toowoomba for Sustainable House Day

This is the first non commute trip that I have taken since the replacement of the battery. I was off to Toowoomba to show my car at a 9 star energy efficient display home ( http://geoffgibsonhomes.com.au ).

I started with a full charge and set off to the St.Lucia DC Fast Charger
Full charge at home
When I arrived at St.Lucia, the charger was not working. Due to my previous experience travelling to Gatton, I continued the journey. Tritium fixed it the next working day.
Broken power module :(
Still enough to get to Gatton

I arrived at Gatton with 28km and plugged into the DC Fast Charger and pressed the start button. While it charged to 90%, I had morning tea. The battery temperature went up one bar while charging.

Arrived at Gatton with 28km left
Veefil DC Fast Charger at Gatton
90% and time to leave
Plenty of battery to climb the range

I arrived in Toowoomba and visited the 9 star display house. It was amazing to see what goes into an energy efficient home. They had all the materials on display and could explain what they did and how that helped.

Hume Street Display home

EV Display
Kitchen of the display home

After the display was completed, I headed back to Gatton. I sailed down the range using regen and got back one bar of battery.
Back from Toowoomba with 23km
Gatton Veefil Charger starting the charge
Finished charging at Gatton
The battery temperature went up another bar after the second charge. I was able to travel the whole way home with 30km left.
Leaving Gatton and heading home