29 November 2013

Nissan Leaf just did 40,000 Kms

I had the 40,000km service done for my Nissan Leaf and everything is fine.
Battery reports shows all bars and I still have not noticed any change in range.

This service replaced the air filter, replaced the brake fluid and had the tyres balanced, so it was about $340. I do notice the brake peddle had a different feel (softer, like when it was new) after the service.
The tyres still have heaps of tread and I expect them to last another 20,000 - 40,000kms.

I use about $4.10 of peak electricity for every 100km traveled.

Overall I have used $1556 of electricity and $732 of services to travel 40,000km (significantly lower running costs than my old corolla).

In the future, I really want to add the Nismo kit (if Nissan ever release it in Australia).