13 July 2013

1 Year old

My leaf is one year old today! I have travelled over 27,000 kms and had heaps of fun doing it.
I have used about $1,060 in electricity (approx 4,100 KWh).
Recently the electricity went from 26 cents/KWh to almost 30 cents/KWh, so now it is about $4.20 for 100km (used to be about $3.80).

I have not done much exploring in the leaf due to work on weekends, but I hope to purchase some chargers in November for Gold Coast and North Lakes / Redcliffe, which will extend my range. Just need to find spots that property owners will allow installation.

Tomorrow I am going to the motorfest (car show at Eagle Farm Racecourse, Brisbane). I hope to introduce lots of people to the leaf.