04 November 2012

Hill Starts with an electric brake

I went to dinner one night and a had to park on a really steep hill. When I walked back to my car, someone had parked really close to the back of my car (you could not walk between the two).

Every time I tried to release the hand brake (e-brake) and press on the accelerator, the car would refuse (and show this instruction).

I definitely did not want to press the brake, as I would roll backwards when I moved my foot to the accelerator.

Hill starts were not explained to me when I purchased the car (nor did I think to ask).

Many times I had stopped on steep hills and ramps and used the accelerator to stop and start again, but I had never performed a hill start.

By chance, I still had my foot on the accelerator when I pressed the park brake (e-brake) button again and away I went (so simple, maybe I should read the manual).

-- Update --

Turns out you don't need to press the button, the car will release it by itself :)