03 November 2018

150,000 km travelled and rolling along happily

I had the 150,000km service performed and everything is looking fine. I still have 12 capacity bars, but the range has dropped approximately 10km over the last 20,000 kms.

A noise had started 20,000+ km ago. When the car weight shifted, it would make a sound like the springs were moving. It did not seem to affect the car, but it would make the noise going around round-a-bouts. Later the noise occurred every time I came to a stop. I replaced the sway bar links, but it did not fix the issue, so I had the Bearing Strut Mounts for the front suspension replaced and the noise is gone. This cost $515, but it was annoying me, so I am not bothered with spending the money.

Also, my brakes had become very jerky, with pulsing on gentle application of the brakes or over braking when coming near the regen / friction switchover point. So I requested a relearn on the brake system and everything is working happily again.

150,000km and 12 capacity bars

18 March 2018

80 percent now displays as 9 fill bars

After 20,000km the new battery is registering 9 fill bars (large left bars on fill meter) at 80% (previously it was 10 bars). So now I get to work with about 95km, a loss of about 10km. This happened on my first battery as well (tho I think it was about 27,000km, but I didn't record it). It was mentioned that the newer batteries have a better chemistry, but I have not been able to see any difference.

When charging to 80%, it registers as 9 bars