21 January 2015

68,000km and 9 Bars of Range


I lost another bar of range today. Happened when I was sleeping :(
Luckily I have moved and the daily commute is now 64km per day (was 80km+), so no range issues.
Will have to see what Nissan say at the 70,000km service.

Someone stole my Capacity bar :P

80% Charge is now 100km ish (in ECO)

100% Charge is now 120km ish (in ECO)

Also, I had good news today, The Gold Coast City Council has installed a Chargepoint brand charger in the Bruce Bishop Carpark at Surfers Paradise. So be good to go to the beach :)


  1. At this rate you could qualify for a warranty repair!

  2. Yeh, another bar has to die I think. But at this rate, I think it will before the 100,000kms