15 September 2014

60,000 KM

Today I passed 60,000 kilometres and lost my second capacity bar (complete coincidence).
I have not really noticed anything out of the ordinary. Will have to take it in for a 60k service (I think they do the brake fluid replacement this service).

My tyres (original) still look good, so maybe I will get another 10 - 20k out of them.

Hopefully I find a home for my old chargepoint station soon. It has been harder than I thought to find good spot with a car park open all hours and has something to do and they don't mind taking a car space (and hopefully no vandalism).

Currently I am using the 2.4KW brick (staying at a friends house), so the KW per 100KM has risen.

Friendly Email confirming my loss of battery capacity

Click over the 60k on the way to work this morning

Summary screen (different looking as the application had an IOS 7 makeover)

Currently I am using the 2.4KW brick, so using more energy than normal


  1. What's the penalty for charging at 2.4kW compared to 3.3kW? Just wondering if there's a reasonable payoff period if I upgrade my 2.4kW EVSE to a higher capacity one.

    1. Not a lot, $3.96 versus $4.10 / $4.20 ish per night. The graph makes it stand out. I guess the difference is due to running the charger and cooling pumps for longer.

  2. I think it slso has to do with power efficiency as well. Of the 2.4kw you lose the same power as at 3.6kw, so if the loss was .4kw, then you are actualy getting 2Kw and 3.2Kw in the same amount of time.
    Plus those other factors of the actual time taken would have an effect.