14 March 2015

70,000km Already


this post is very delayed (somehow forgot). Nothing much has happened since the last post. I bought a KeContact P20 from Recharging NSW ( http://rechargingnsw.com.au/products/kecontact-p20-series/ ), but have not had any time to check it out (work has been super busy). I am still looking at places to install charging stations.

Due to the installation of new chargers, I have been travelling to places that I was not able to before :)
I did a video of my trip to Binna Burra. Also I am going to Byron Bay for a car display, so will make a video about that too.

My LEAF went for the 70,000 km service ($95). The normal person was not there, so I was not able to find out any real information about how my battery is going. The page attached lists 5 stars.

70,000KM and still rolling along

Still using about $4 per day

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