26 March 2014

50,000km and still going

Woo, have done 50,000 km in my Nissan LEAF and still going happily. I have not had any mechanical repairs and my tyres are looking good.

Fuel costs are low, only $1960 of electricty. My old Toyota Corolla would have used $5512 ($3552 more) of petrol (7.5litres/100km @ $1.47/litre). I don't use petrol anymore so I don't have records. I used ACCC Petrol Pricing and QLD Gov Stats Office to estimate an average of $1.47 / litre (for Brisbane).

Service costs were $820, higher than I expected. A Toyota Corolla is $650 (this comparison is due to previously owning Toyota Corolla's). I suspect that could change after the Toyota capped service pricing expires at 60,000 km (Nissan's expires at 120,000 km).

I don't include the purchase price in my cost calculations. It was costed when I bought it and did not weigh heavily into my purchase decision. I find when looking at the differences between various cars, I ignore / justify the price, using other measurements (like features/safety etc.), only using price as a guideline.

If the purchase price of the car is the most important factor to you (i.e. keeping it to a minimum), then you are not going to purchase a new car. So perhaps wait for 2nd hand LEAFs (ex lease) from 2015 - 2016 onwards. They should be cheaper than a new petrol car and still have more than 80% battery left.

When I purchased the LEAF, I was thinking about
  • Do I like the look of the car? - YES
  • Does it drive well? - YES, very fun
  • Is it comfortable to drive? - VERY, low noise and lot of headroom
  • What extras does it come with / can purchase? - Almost everything was standard
  • How reliable is it? - UNKNOWN - but I am hoping more than a petrol car
  • What is special about the car? - High Safety Score, Reduced impact on the environment
  • Can I afford it without pushing financial security? (i.e. did I have 25% income left after paying bills) - YES
  • Does it cost more / less to run than my current car? - Much Less
My main reason for purchasing was because it drove really well (much nicer than previous cars I had owned). I also loved that you only need three things to make it go

  1. Sun
  2. Solar Panel
  3. Battery

Also, I have put my home charger on PlugShare. If you install the application on your phone (iPhone / Android), then my charger should appear on the map. It is handy if you are on your way to / from the Gold Coast and need some juice (Is in my garage, so ring / SMS me if you need it [number is in the app]. I can leave the cord hanging outside if I am not home).

Pulled over on the side of the road to take a picture of the dashboard

KW/h per 100 km (falling as this summer had very few hot days)

Price per 100 km (there was a 4c per KW/h price rise half way along)

Summary of the running costs (excluding car repayments)
Bridgestone tyres still have lots of tread


  1. Hi Leslie,

    Good to hear it's still going strong after 50,000 kms. I just got my leaf this week and loving it so far. What is the app you have the screen shots of there?

    1. Congratulations, I hope you enjoy driving the LEAF as much as I have.
      The app is called 'Road Trip' (for iOS). I like it a lot, you can use US Gallons, kW/h, Litres and kg (so any car can be entered). It can also have multiple cars.