26 September 2012

Warm weather has returned

Spring is back and the temperature has been about 15℃ in the morning and 24℃ in the afternoon.
I have noticed that I am getting about 10km more range now.

On the weekend I managed to do 133km on an 80% charge (putting around the suburbs visiting friends and family). I found the range meter was very close, on my last leg it predicted 11km left, and the distance home was 10km. When I got to my driveway, the car gave me the battery low warning and the range meter started flashing - - -

I entered all the data into an iPhone app called road trip and it spat out these graphs of my charging usage.

The big spike to 26kWh/100km looks like a mistake. The level 2 charger I bought reports how long the car is connected, not the time the car was charging, so multiplying it by 3.662kW made it massive).

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